Q Caffeine?
A The caffeine content in Green Pu’er is higher than Black Pu’er. Therefore, we recommend drinking Green Pu’er during the day and Brown Pu’er in the evenings.

Q Black Pu'er tastes different?
A We filter out the harmful elements in Brown Pu'er tea solution such as mold, dust and heavy metals before extracting it into essence form. This is why our Black Pu'er Essence has a clean and pure taste compared to traditional Pu'er Tea.

Q How to store?
A Pu’er Essence is extremely sensitive to humidity. While we have provided airtight packaging and desiccants, please store the tea properly in a cool, dry, place.

Q Drink too much?
A It's not really possible to over-consume Pu'er black tea. However, we do recommend following our usage instructions. We slightly charged consumers with sensitive stomachs to avoid drinking green tea in excessive quantities, on an empty stomach or in short time spans.